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How I got Started

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website. Here is a little about me and how I discovered Reiki.

I had been working in the medical field for 17 years, the last 9 years I was in Alaska working in a remote village operating a clinic on my own. It was a special program unique to Alaska. It was a family practice/urgent care and I wore all the hats from front office to pharmacy to lab to being the medical provider. It was through the Native American Corporation that I was given special training and I always had a doctor that I called to report to and give me direction. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot! I have always felt a pull to helping people but it was definitely taking a toll on me. I was finally able to hire a receptionist my last year to help me keep up with demand, and it was just at the right time. She was instrumental in the start of my healing journey.

I had become very sick. I had random rashes popping up, swollen legs, my stomach hurt every time I ate, trouble breathing, and the list goes on. I had been to see 5 different doctors and all ran tests and told me they could not find anything wrong. It was my new receptionist that "forced" me to go see a Naturopathic Doctor, who changed my life. He explained that I was in "fight or Flight" mode and after numerous questions found out that I had probably been in "fight or flight" most of my life and now it was catching up to me physically. He introduced me to meditation and soon after I discovered Reiki.

I had never heard of Reiki before but scrolling through social media it hit me right in the face. I got full body chills and started to cry. I thought "What is this?" and "How can I get more!" I researched and read and I was very drawn to it. I realized that I had been using my energy and reading energy all my life without knowing what it was I was doing. The medical world always seemed to fit me and I was very good with patients and could tell what was wrong at work and also in my personal life without asking too many questions. I always thought I was just...weird. I knew then that Reiki was my calling and started changing and putting things into place to get started with classes.

My family and I moved to Idaho where we are closer to family and there is a bigger Reiki community. My hope is to bring Reiki to as many people as I can. I have suffered through many traumas and challenges in my life and I feel like I can relate to most people and I just want to help everyone find peace.

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Amee Smith
Amee Smith
Jul 31, 2023

Toni is the real deal! She has been able to make me feel more calm and confident with her energy work! Take a chance on Reiki with Toni, she’ll help you heal!

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