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I am a big believer in meditation and I suggest it to everyone but I often hear "I can't meditate, my brain is so busy", "meditation is so boring", "I'm too busy to meditate".

Well my friend I bet you already meditate without even realizing it! Meditation doesn't have to be sitting quiet with peaceful music for an hour. Meditation is just about being alone with your thoughts and just be you for even 5 minutes or 15 minutes or an hour if you find the time. When I first started with meditation I would put on some feel good 80s music that helped me step away from life for a second and bake cookies all by myself. I also enjoy long drives in peace and quiet just to sort my thoughts out. I started to get better at being alone in the quiet and being able to clear my head. My world wasn't going to end if I stopped "thinking" for 10 minutes. Amazing things can happen and my world started shifting when I realized some of my best thoughts came when I was walking through the park or driving in my car. Now I can't imagine my life without meditation. Even for 10 minutes a day if I can find space to be alone and see where my thoughts take me.

Also, an important thing to remember, being alone with your thoughts does not mean put together your grocery list or count out all the things you need to do for that day or count out all the negative things that could happen, it means letting everything go for a minute and just be you. Breathe, laugh, scream if need be! Let your energy and your thoughts have flow.

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