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Scientifically Speaking

Scientifically we are all electrical beings. Our bodies function with electrical impulses throughout our bodies to think, to move, to feel, etc. Basically we are squishy computers walking around. So I think we can agree also, that electricity can create different forms of light. You hear people say "Shine your light", well what does it mean exactly? How do you shine your light? Think about when you are having a bad day or you're sad or depressed and you go to the store and no one really acknowledges you, everyone kind of almost avoids you. You go home and everything feels heavy and dark and you just don't have energy. Then think about those days when you're feeling amazing, you just got good news or you're having a celebration and you go to the store. People see you, they smile, they maybe start conversation, etc. You have energy to clean your house, to take a walk, to call a friend. That's your light shining! So then what is the fuel for your light? LOVE💗 Loving yourself, loving those around you, loving through appreciation for the environment you're in. When you can find love for yourself, even in a small amount, your light will shine brighter. YOU control the light. YOU control the light around you.

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